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Tessa's Take: Ella's Kitchen and Emotion

Tessa Stuart

Yesterday in Waitrose, I watched a 10-month old toddler in a pushchair lean over to the supermarket basket his father had placed by his pushchair, while his parents chatted, waiting in the queue to pay. He chose this product and some bananas from the other products in the basket. He recognised "his" product by the colours, shape and texture of the packaging. I could see him enjoying the colour and feel of the Ella's Kitchen pouch.  

His young, new, mother looked at me and said: "I know I should be making him home-cooked food, and I do but sometimes it's so easy to buy these..."

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Tessa's Take: Why You Should Pay For Packaging

Tessa Stuart

I've been in the aisles a lot recently interviewing consumers about packaging - what catches their eyes, what suggests natural and what doesn't, what's new, what's old. Women notice the nuances of packaging: the shape of the bottle, the shine of the cardboard on the cardboard sleeve, the colours, the font, all the pack messaging .... nothing misses their beady gaze.  

So, how can you do it well? Here's a new example to learn from.

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Why Giving Your Product Away Makes You Money: Tom Mercer of MOMA! on Sampling

Tessa Stuart

Here are Tom's thoughts on sampling, why it's so important for brand building and how to do it well. Thank you very much, Tom.  

What we at MOMA believe it does

Sampling is our key to getting consumers into the MOMA! world!

The main thing is getting people to physically try our breakfast - our products are pretty unique so it's really important for people to taste it in order to understand and appreciate it - and once we've done that most people love it. 

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Tessa's Take: Using Choice Architecture: A Big Business Advantage for You?

Tessa Stuart

Like all of us, Homer is a 'cognitive miser'. We don't like thinking - deliberative thinking is hard and difficult.  

Humans make less than perfectly thought out decisions all the time, intuitively, emotionally, effortlessly and quickly. We're good at it - it's why we have survived.

If you give people a choice of three things on a menu, they will choose in the middle. Online clothing retailers exploit this brilliantly.

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Tessa's Take: How To Sell More Without Spending on Marketing

Tessa Stuart

All my clients are feeling squeezed at the moment. Sales are harder to make. Costs are rising and margins declining. Marketing spend is under pressure. Staff are the biggest cost of all, so clients are making staff redundant.  

How can you market without increasing marketing spend?

How do you use fewer staff to deliver an even better service?

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