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Why Giving Your Product Away Makes You Money: Tom Mercer of MOMA! on Sampling

Tessa Stuart


Here are Tom's thoughts on sampling, why it's so important for brand building and how to do it well. Thank you very much, Tom.  

What we at MOMA believe it does

Sampling is our key to getting consumers into the MOMA! world!

The main thing is getting people to physically try our breakfast - our products are pretty unique so it's really important for people to taste it in order to understand and appreciate it - and once we've done that most people love it. Quite simply it's the best way for us to introduce the product to people and encourage purchase afterwards.

How to do it well.

With lots of confidence, good product knowledge, and bags of enthusiasm.

Confidence encourages people to stop what they're doing and take a sample; good product knowledge helps the customer understand what it is they are trying, which can often inform their reaction; and enthusiasm from the sampler is always transmitted to the person trying MOMA! and again, helps get a great reaction from them. The last point is important - products genuinely taste better when people are lifted with great brand energy!


If done well then sampling not only converts people to your product, and results in more sales, but it creates a great brand image. We want people to come away from trying a MOMA! sample thinking how great our product was, but also what a passionate, enthusiastic and fun brand we are.