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About me

I'm Tessa Stuart and I work with food businesses to help their food products get maximum attention and sales in the super-competitive supermarket aisles and to make sure their branding stands out.

I interview hundreds of shoppers right there at the supermarket shelves as they are buying food and drink products. I am a shopper stalker. I work with global brands and one-man bands. 

I've written two-tip filled books of advice for food businesses, Packed: The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide, which helps start-ups avoid costly mistakes and Flying Off The Shelves, which helps food businesses sell their products faster.

I regularly speak at conferences for food entrepreneurs and start-ups on how to get your branding right on pack, and your food and drink products consistently noticed and bought by customers.

When I'm not interviewing shoppers in the supermarket aisles for clients, I'm either cooking, eating, reading, walking in the sunlight or outdoor swimming all year round.

Why do I focus on in-store shopper research?

I know what I’m like in focus groups, and I know that most others are the same: we all try to project a much better version of ourselves, or say what we think wants to be heard. 

Here's a look at the type of in-store product research I do.

Unfortunately, that isn’t very helpful for the food and drinks companies that rely on our input – especially small, unique companies that need real customer insight to help them compete with the big boys.

I’ve been researching products and brands for years, and I know there’s no better way to get to the heart of a customer’s experience with a brand than to approach them as they’re making purchasing decisions. 

Then when I ask customers what they chose, they can point to the real triggers – brand, packaging, price, flavours, environment, ease of preparation, and so on.

So I observe and interview them in the aisle at Tesco, Sainsburys or Waitrose, or by the sandwiches at Boots, or as they’re checking out the produce at Daylesford or buying their lunch in Itsu. 

I help food and drinks products fly off the shelves

If you’ve got a product that isn’t selling as well as you expected, my in-store approach will get us to the nub of the problem in super-speedy time.

I’ll help you identify where your product is going wrong and what needs to be changed – changes that could be as simple as a slight tweak to the branding, a few edits to the product description, or a slight revision of the price (up as well as down).

And that gives you increased sales, more supermarket listings and better profits.

I offer two main services to suit your needs and budget

1) On-the-phone consulting: You're quite new to the food and drinks market and you'd like advice on a specific aspect of your business - branding problems, identifying your target market, or building your brand. Find out more.

2) In-store research: You're an established brand with products on the shelves, but you want to test out new ideas, have more impact on the shelves or find out why sales of an existing product are flatlining. Find out more.

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