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Packed - The Food Entrepreneur's Guide: How to Get Noticed and How to Be Loved

How did the founders of innocent drinks, Rude Health, Higgidy and MOMA! beat thousands of other fabulous food entrepreneurs to win a space on the supermarket shelves? And once they were there, how did they win the battle to convince sceptical, time-strapped shoppers to try them over the competition? 

This short, practical and tip-filled book will show you:

  • Why the story behind your product is just as important as the taste.
  • How to pick the perfect price point (and how raising your prices can make people buy more).
  • How to avoid the nightmare of being ousted from the shelf by your competitors.
  • The packaging mistakes that mean you’re unnecessarily increasing your costs and turning off customers.

This book has been written using actual advice from real artisan food producers - its not some academic exercise in how to be successful, its hard and fast learnings from people who’ve done it. This book details everything that you would need to consider - from branding, to impact on shelf. All written in friendly language, to the point and with masses of enthusiasm. A fantastic read from cover to cover - thoroughly recommended.
— Claire Martinsen, 5 Star Amazon Review

With contributions from the founders of innocent drinks, Rude Health, Higgidy, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and many others, Packed – The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide condenses years of hard-won experience into insights that will get your products flying off the shelves in no time!

Amazon Readers Love Packed:

Using anecdotes from her 15 years of experience in the food industry, as well as advice from `challenger brands’ that she’s worked with, Tessa provides hands-on, no nonsense, succinct guidance in easy to read snap bites.
— Bellevue Tea Lady, 5 Star Amazon Review
If you are looking to launch your own artisan food and drink brand, then this book is a very useful guide. It is just over 100 pages in length and is delivered in a clear, succinct and concise bullet point style, conveying the how, what, why, where and who of the world of food retailing. From packaging to marketing, investing, selling and growing, this is a no nonsense business guide. The business advice given by entrepreneurs from within the industry is helpful and the insider tips on how to get your brand listed by important retailers is noteworthy.
— Silvana de Soissons, 5 Star Amazon Review