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Tessa's Take: Sipsmith's Story Telling Seduction

Tessa Stuart


Last night I learnt how to distill gin. From Sam Galsworthy, the engaging co-founder of Sipsmith Gin in Hammersmith.  Thank you, Sam.I was introduced to Prudence, their beautiful copper pot still. She is a curvaceous and lovely toy, with lots of levers and piers and portholes, through which we could peer to see the botanicals steeping - liquorice, orris root, juniper, cassia bark, Spanish lemon and orange peel...  

I was also re-introduced  to Sipsmith's excellent gin, sloe gin and barley vodka. I've been drinking the gin for a while now, and the sloe gin makes a superb gift for elderly fathers.

I was glad to hear there is a damson gin on the way. The Summer Cup rival to Pimms they are planning sounds delicious.

Sam's passion and enjoyment is so evident, and the tales of gin's history and Sipsmith's own 2 year journey so fascinating, that as you stand there, sipping a deliciously smooth flavoursome aromatic gin, in this little shed in Hammersmith, you connect emotionally to their story.

And that, of course, is why you buy.*

*And why 4000 people have been through their shed in the last 2 years, because there is nothing more powerful than making this direct connection with your  potential customers as you start out. Enthuse them, and they will enthuse others.

If you want to see Sipsmith's passion for yourself, watch this: