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Five Tips When You Are Starting Out: Jimmy Cregan, Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Tessa Stuart


It's definitely the weather for iced coffee.  

Jimmy's Iced Coffee, available in Original and Skinny Love,  is very delicious. I thought I'd call up the originator of this refreshing product, Jimmy Cregan, and ask him for his FIve Tips When You're Starting Out. And here they are. Thank you very much, Jim. Jim says:

1. Your idea will wake you up every morning by jumping on your brain. You won't ever wake it up. If this doesn't happen and you wake up thinking how you're going to cook your eggs, it may not be the right idea for now.

2. Politely, and remember to be polite, do not take NO for an answer, until you get a visit from the cops about 'buyer harassment'. Then lay off for an hour or two before asking if the buyers have reconsidered their decision.

3. Squeeze every drop of info from people in the know who have free time for you. Trends, finance, distribution, marketing, logistics, anything. Even people you don't know, ask them! Knowledge really is power.

4. Work with people who inspire the living daylights out of you.

5. Keep Your Chin Up.

And if you want to know where to find this blissful stuff, check them out here: or here: