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Tessa's Take: How Net-A-Porter Offers Incredible Value to Its Customers

Tessa Stuart

net a porter

Last week I was invited to Net-A-Porter's offices for a fashion show. (Thank you very much, Alix Partners.) How does Net-A-Porter offer incredible value to its customers? With most items costing three figures, it's not exactly Primark.  

I couldn't fathom it out, until a young professional woman from Alix Partners told me how:

"I shop online from my desk. It has the designers I like, and the clothes I need for work. I buy two of everything. It arrives at my office the next day. I try it all on in the disabled loos - if it looks good there, then I know it works! I send back the size that doesn't fit, using our office despatch facility, and I'm done. I hate wasting my Saturdays shopping, I don't like shop assistants bothering me, I don't like to clothes shop with friends. Net-A-Porter is a godsend."

Net-A-Porter's huge value to her is in her precious time saved. Now she's an evangelist for them.

What's your value to your customers?