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Tessa's Take: Why You Should Pay For Packaging

Tessa Stuart


I've been in the aisles a lot recently interviewing consumers about packaging - what catches their eyes, what suggests natural and what doesn't, what's new, what's old. Women notice the nuances of packaging: the shape of the bottle, the shine of the cardboard on the cardboard sleeve, the colours, the font, all the pack messaging .... nothing misses their beady gaze.  

So, how can you do it well? Here's a new example to learn from.

Gnosh chunky dips, designed by brand design agency, Mystery. Great colours, "chalkboard specials in a bistro" font, raw ingredients prominently featured and clear signposts for the consumer about what it is and how to use it - "some things are better shared". This is a party animal dip. How different from dull old hummus. And you can see the product. Which is crucial - because consumers "eat" with their eyes - and they need to see that it's chunky and natural looking.

And they've taken care to make sure the packaging  looks as good from the side - when stacked, which is how consumers will encounter it on the shelf - as it does  from the top.

No wonder that this new brand is being lauded on Twitter for its design as much as the product inside.