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Tessa's Take: Bringing Your Brand to Life

Tessa Stuart


I nipped out of the office on Friday. To Shoreditch. To the innocent 5-a-day for £5 lunch. (There's me on the right in the purple cardi Crackberrying away, waiting for my lunch guest.)  

The food was excellent. Beetroot and horseradish perogi with sour cream, paprika and pickled red cabbage, and sweet potato brik with roasted pepper, courgette and chickpea salad. Innocent gave us the recipes on arty cards to take home.

Next, we waddled past the lettuce wall.

And made our thumb marks on the giant score-board (aiming for 5,000 diners.)

And we left amused and well fed, thinking again about the innocent brand.

Can your brand find a way to do something similar? Rude Health do it with their rants, Riverford with their Field Kitchen. Connecting with your consumers in the real world, outside of the supermarket or the Ocado delivery, is one of the most useful marketing activities you can do. Making them smile and think a little is another.