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Pie In The Sky? No, reality...

Tessa Stuart


Five Things I Wish I’d Known : from James Foottit, Co-Founder of Higgidy Pies  

1. Look for advice from other suppliers. We’ve been amazed how other suppliers are ready to offer advice. Don’t be afraid to ask; everyone loves being asked for advice and you need some friends to negotiate the challenges.

2. Perfection is the enemy of the good. Don’t wait until you have perfected every aspect of your idea - get started and get better as you go along.

3. Know your costs: when we started out we often underestimated the real costs of things like distribution.

4. Be disciplined about financial reporting. You need to know how good (or in our case bad) the numbers were. You need to be reviewing your numbers on a monthly basis.

5. Have fun; work with people you like. You are probably going to put some long hours in, so make sure you are enjoying it!